Breck Rothage


Breck Rothage is a master-class artist focused in the genre of Automotive Art. Discerning enthusiasts’ world-wide collect his works for both personal and commercial purpose as the quality of Breck’s artistic interpretation fuels their passion and moves their soul. His body of work spans from vintage Ferraris, Alfa Romeos and Porsches to the classic Packards, Lincolns, Jaguars and other rare and exotic cars and motorcycles.

Breck has a revolutionary sense of color and light coupled with an artistic sense of texture, feel, and mood. Much like a sculptor, he carves away what he does not want then paints, polishes and tunes the beauty that remains in remarkable detail. Often painting in whole cloth backgrounds, he is able to create a compositional beauty that astounds the viewer from 3 inches to 3 yards.

Starting by capturing a clear image, his creative insight moves every image to a new level, pushing the edge of color, light and form, bringing a power and poise to the image that is near unexplainable. “I want to drive an intense emotional beauty into my work; to stop, hold and move the viewer to a level of appreciation not seen before in the world of Automotive Art. I want every work to create a sense of awe and inspiration to every viewer.”